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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHE2004CHE Sophomore Seminar
CHE2114Mass and Energy Balances
CHE2164ChE Thermodynamics
CHE3015Process Measurement & Control
CHE3044Heat Transfer
CHE3114Fluid Transport
CHE3124Simulations and Modeling
CHE3134Separation Processes
CHE3144Mass Transfer
CHE3184Chem React Anl & Dsgn
CHE4186Process and Plant Design
CHE4334Intro Colloid Interface Sci
CHE4904Project and Report
CHE4974Independent Study
CHE4994Undergraduate Research
CHE5126Transport Phenomena
CHE5214Polymeric Biomaterials
CHE5334GColloid and Interface Science
CHE5904Project and Report
CHE5944Chemical Engineering Seminar
CHE5974Independent Study
CHE5994Research and Thesis
CHE7994Research and Dissertation

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