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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

CHEM1016Chemistry in Context
CHEM1026Chemistry in Context Lab
CHEM1035General Chemistry
CHEM1036General Chemistry
CHEM1045General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM1046General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM2114Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2124Analytical Chem Lab
CHEM2154Majors Analytical Chemistry
CHEM2164Majors Analytical Lab
CHEM2424Descriptive Inorganic Chem
CHEM2514Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM2535Organic Chemistry
CHEM2536Organic Chemistry
CHEM2546Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM2555Org Syn-Tech Lab
CHEM2564Problem-Solving in Orgo Chem
CHEM2565Principles Org Chem
CHEM2964Field Study
CHEM2974Independent Study
CHEM2974HIndependent Study
CHEM3615Physical Chemistry
CHEM3616Physical Chemistry
CHEM3616HHonors Physical Chemistry
CHEM3625Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM3684Quantum Software I
CHEM3900Bridge Experience
CHEM4014Survey of Chemical Literature
CHEM4074Laboratory in Polymer Science
CHEM4114Instrumental Analysis
CHEM4414Inorganic Chemistry Lab
CHEM4424Polysaccharide Chemistry
CHEM4514Green Chemistry
CHEM4544Med Chem Capstone Lab
CHEM4554Drug Chemistry
CHEM4616Phys Chem Life Sci
CHEM4634Polymer and Surface Chemistry
CHEM4684Quantum Software II
CHEM4734Environmental Soil Chemistry
CHEM4964Field Study
CHEM4974Independent Study
CHEM4974HIndependent Study
CHEM4994Undergraduate Research
CHEM4994HUndergraduate Research
CHEM5174Polymer Viscoelasticity
CHEM5414Methods & Appl of Inorg Chem
CHEM5424GAdv Polysaccharide Chemistry
CHEM5506Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHEM5514GAdvanced Green Chemistry
CHEM5526X-Ray Crystallography
CHEM5535Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHEM5614NMR in Chem & Polymer Science
CHEM5706Macromolecular Chemistry
CHEM5894Final Examination
CHEM5904Project and Report
CHEM5914Lit Review and Research Plan
CHEM5944Graduate Seminar
CHEM5974Independent Study
CHEM5994Research and Thesis
CHEM6434Organometallic Chemistry
CHEM6914Original Research Proposal
CHEM7994Research and Dissertation

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