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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ECH3002Intro Chem & Biomolecular Eng
ECH3023Material & Energy Balances
ECH3101Chemical Engineering Thermo I
ECH3266Transport Phenomena I
ECH3783Sustaining the Earth
ECH3854Engineering Computations
ECH4123Chemical Engineering Thermo II
ECH4241LChemical Engineering Lab II
ECH4267Transport Phenomena II
ECH4323Process Dynamics and Control
ECH4418Separation Processes
ECH4504Reaction Engineering
ECH4615CProduct and Process Design
ECH4846Numerical Methods in Chem Engr
ECH4905Independent Study
ECH4931Adv Topics in Peer Leading
ECH4931Adv Undergrad Research Exp
ECH4931Biomedical Image Processing
ECH4931Engineering of Bio Systems II
ECH4931Fate & Trans of Chem in Env
ECH4931Found. Polymer Science & Eng
ECH4931Leadership in Engineering
ECH4931Loss Prev & Accident Invest
ECH4931Peer Leading in Chemical Eng
ECH4936Undergraduate Seminar
ECH4944Industry Internship
ECH5785Sustaining the Earth: Eng. App
ECH5945ChE Industry Internship
ECH6506Chemical Engineering Kinetics
ECH6906Directed Research
ECH6907Independent Study
ECH6931Electron Microscopy
ECH6931Found. Polymer Science & Eng
ECH6931Leadership in Engineering
ECH6931Loss Prev & Accident Invest
ECH6931ST: Graduate Seminar
ECH6931Sustaining the Earth: Eng. App
ECH6971Thesis: Master's
ECH7915Directed Research
ECH7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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