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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EDG3361Positive Psych in the Schools
EDG3943Integr Clinical Experience K 5
EDG4012Standards Based Education
EDG4376Literacy/Lit/Social Studies
EDG4444Instructional Design
EDG4909Arts Integrated Pedagogy for C
EDG4909Directed Individual Study
EDG4909Directed Study: Capstone
EDG4909STEM Integration Elem Classrm
EDG4934Final Intern Seminar
EDG4944Integrated Final Internship
EDG6285Sch Curriculum Improvement
EDG6627Found of Curriculum/Inst
EDG6906Independent Study
EDG6931Eco Art Literature Studies
EDG6931Human Rights+Contemporary Law
EDG6931Selected Topics in Education
EDG6931Special Topic.
EDG6947Internship Special Ed
EDG6947MAT Final Internship
EDG6975Project: Master's/Specialist
EDG7067Philosophies of Inquiry
EDG7692Issues in Curriculum/Inst
EDG7910Directed Research
EDG7921Scholarly Practitioner Inq I
EDG7922Scholarly Practitioner Inq II
EDG7931Academic Writing School Psych
EDG7931Adv Prac Cog Ther Chld Adol
EDG7931Adv Pract SchoolPsychology
EDG7931Adv Pract: Pediatric Sch Psych
EDG7931Advanced Practicum
EDG7931Advanced Praticum
EDG7931Arts Based Research
EDG7931Clincl Prep at the Mid Lvl
EDG7931Cogn Therapy Child & Adol
EDG7931Community Literacy
EDG7931Ethnography in Education
EDG7931Externship for School Psych
EDG7931Narrative Inquiry
EDG7931Queering Qualitative Research
EDG7936Grad Sem: Ldr Schol Community

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