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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

EEL2161Elec Engr Computer Methods
EEL3115LLaboratory I
EEL3116LLaboratory II
EEL3163CComputer Tool Lab
EEL3472CEE Science II EM
EEL3705Fundamental of Digital Circuit
EEL3705LFund of Digital Circuits Lab
EEL4102Signals and Systems
EEL4206LPower Lab
EEL4212Energy Delivery Systems
EEL4241Power Electronics
EEL4422RF/Microwave Circuits II
EEL4423CWireless Circuits/Systems Lab
EEL4461Antenna Theory
EEL4512CIntro to Communication Systems
EEL4657Linear Control Systems
EEL4657LLinear Controls Laboratory
EEL4727CDig Sgnl Process Fld Progrmble
EEL4740Embedded Systems
EEL4905Independent Study
EEL4906EE Design 1
EEL4914EE Design 2
EEL4935Cryptography & Data Security
EEL4935Design of Solar Power Plants
EEL4935Electrical Eng Internship
EEL4935MAKE: Hands On Engr Design
EEL4935Quantum Computing and Comm
EEL4935Statistical Inference
EEL4935UG Rsrch on Hyperspectral Imag
EEL4936Advanced Cyber Security
EEL4936Wireless Comm. Lab
EEL4937Leadership in Engineering
EEL5462Antenna Theory
EEL5594LWireless Circuits & Syst Lab
EEL5594LWireless Circuits/Systems Lab
EEL6245Power Electronics
EEL6285Energy Delivery Systems
EEL6427RF & Microwave Circuits II
EEL6506CBroadband Comm Networks
EEL6592Wireless Comm Lab
EEL6597Wireless Net
EEL6722CDSP/FPGA Laboratory
EEL6729Rapid System Prototyping
EEL6752Digital Signal Processing II
EEL6787Data Networks, Systems and Sec
EEL6908Independent Study
EEL69355G & Beyond Radio Access Tech
EEL6935Advanced Cyber Security
EEL6935Applied Optimization
EEL6935Cryptography & Data Security
EEL6935Deep Learning
EEL6935Design of Solar Power Plants
EEL6935Electrical Eng Internship
EEL6935Embedded Systems
EEL6935Mod Based Sys Engineering
EEL6935Num Meth & Partial Diff Eq
EEL6935Quantum Computing and Comm
EEL6935Statistical Inference
EEL6936MAKE: Hands On Engr Design
EEL6971Thesis: Master's
EEL7910Directed Research
EEL7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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