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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENAE200Aerospace Engineering Profession II
ENAE202Computing Fundamentals for Engineers
ENAE324Aerospace Structures
ENAE398HHonors Research Project
ENAE404Space Flight Dynamics
ENAE414Aerodynamics II
ENAE420Computational Structural Mechanics
ENAE425Mechanics of Composite Structures
ENAE432Control of Aerospace Systems
ENAE450Robotics Programming
ENAE464Aerospace Engineering Laboratory
ENAE467Advanced Space Propulsion and Power
ENAE471Aircraft Flight Testing
ENAE482Aeronautical Systems Design
ENAE484Space Systems Design
ENAE488BTopics in Aerospace Engineering; Advanced Airbreathing Propulsion
ENAE488CTopics in Aerospace Engineering; Computational Fluid Dynamics
ENAE488FTopics in Aerospace Engineering; Introduction to Aviation for Pilot Training
ENAE499Elective Research
ENAE602Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control
ENAE633Helicopter Dynamics
ENAE634Helicopter Design
ENAE635Helicopter Stability and Control
ENAE646Advanced Dynamics of Aerospace Systems
ENAE654Mechanics of Composite Structures
ENAE665Advanced Airbreathing Propulsion
ENAE667Advanced Space Propulsion and Power
ENAE674Aerodynamics of Compressible Fluids
ENAE685Computational Fluid Dynamics II
ENAE694Spacecraft Communications
ENAE696Spacecraft Thermal Design
ENAE743Applied Nonlinear Control of Aerospace Systems
ENAE788FSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Introduction to Fluid-Solid Interaction
ENAE788JSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; An Introduction to Large Eddy Simulations
ENAE788LSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems
ENAE788QSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; An Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability
ENAE788VSelected Topics in Aerospace Engineering; Motion Planning for Autonomous Systems
ENAE791Launch and Entry Vehicle Design
ENAE799Master's Thesis Research
ENAE898Pre-Candidacy Research
ENAE899Doctoral Dissertation Research

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