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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIN2114Invest & Financial Literacy
FIN2164Survey of Finance and Careers
FIN3054Legal & Ethical Env of Bus
FIN3074Legal & Finance Entrepreneurs
FIN3104Introduction to Finance
FIN3114Python-Data Analytics, Finance
FIN3124Fin Planning for Professionals
FIN3134Financial Analytics
FIN3144Investments: Debt-Equity-Deriv
FIN3154Corporate Finance
FIN3204Risk and Insurance
FIN4014Cyberlaw and Policy
FIN4104Retirement Planning
FIN4114Fin Plan Technology & Modeling
FIN4134Fin Planning Applications
FIN4144Int Fin Mgt
FIN4154Real Estate Finance
FIN4214Financial Modeling in Excel
FIN4224Fixed Income Securities
FIN4225Analytics Fixed Inc. Port Mgmt
FIN4226Analytics Fixed Inc. Port Mgmt
FIN4234Venture Cap & Inv Banking
FIN4244Asset Valuation & Governance
FIN4255Credit Corps Lending Practicum
FIN4256Credit Corps Lending Practicum
FIN4264Managing Risk with Derivatives
FIN4274Equity Securities
FIN4275Analytics Equity Portfolio Mgt
FIN4276Analytics Equity Portfolio Mgt
FIN4314Field Projects in Finance
FIN5194Commercial Law
FIN5604Financial & Econ Environment
FIN5674Investments and Portfolio Mgmt
FIN5974Independent Study
FIN6104Financial Research Methods
FIN6115Corporate Finance
FIN7994Research and Dissertation

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