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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FST2004Exploring Food Science Careers
FST2014Introduction to Food Science
FST2024Raw to Burnt: Exploring Foods
FST2044Food, War and Conflict
FST2974Independent Study
FST2994Undergraduate Research
FST3024Principles of Sensory Eval
FST3114Wines and Vines
FST3124Brewing Science and Technology
FST3514Food Analysis
FST3604Food Microbiology
FST4014Food Prod Development
FST4104Applied Malting and Brewing
FST4204Adv Topics in Food Science
FST4524Food Safety & Quality Assur
FST4544Fermentation Analysis
FST4974Independent Study
FST4994Undergraduate Research
FST5004Graduate Seminar
FST5014Sensory Evaluation of Food
FST5034Good Agricul and Mfg Practices
FST5604Advances in Food Microbiology
FST5664Flavor Chemistry
FST5904Project and Report
FST5974Independent Study
FST5994Research and Thesis
FST7994Research and Dissertation

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