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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

GMS6000Med Sciences Success Skills
GMS6002Success Skills in Bio. Sci.
GMS6012Basic Medical Genetics
GMS6069Translational Biotechnology
GMS6103Found Med Microbio & Immunolog
GMS6141Basic Immunology/Microbiology
GMS6183Clinical Research Methods
GMS6194Biotechnology Forum
GMS6201Basic Medical Biochemistry
GMS6326Pathology Case Studies 4
GMS6334Pathobiology of Human Cancer
GMS6352Forensic Pathology
GMS6380Medicine and Gender
GMS6419Excretory, Endocri a Repro Sys
GMS6440Basic Medical Physiology
GMS6449Complementary Alt. Medicine
GMS6452Clinical Nutrition
GMS6505Basic Medical Pharmacology
GMS6543Advanced Medical Pharm & Phys
GMS6604Human Structure and Function
GMS6605Basic Medical Anatomy
GMS6610Advanced Neuroanatomy
GMS6630Basic Medical Histology
GMS6704Advanced Medical Neurosciences
GMS6706Basic Medical Neurosciences
GMS6707Medical Neuroscience
GMS6773Stem Cells and Brain Repair
GMS6871Health Sciences Ethics
GMS6908Med Sci Independent Study
GMS6940Super Teaching Molecular Medic
GMS6942Lab Rotations in Biomed. Sci
GMS6943Biotechnology Internship
GMS7910Directed Research
GMS7930Applied Bioinformatics
GMS7930Gross Anatomy I
GMS7930Neuroscience Journal Club
GMS7930Non Coding RNA in Health & Dis
GMS7930Selected Topics
GMS7930VA Research Internship
GMS7939Graduate Seminar
GMS7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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