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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HFT3003Intro to Hospitality & Tourism
HFT3263Restaurant Management
HFT3424Cost Control Hospitality Ops
HFT3603Law & Ethics for Hospitality
HFT3803CRestaurant Operations
HFT3864Introduction to Beer Science
HFT3894International Food & Culture
HFT4243Issues in hospitality
HFT4253Lodging Management
HFT4277Club Management
HFT4295Strategic Management
HFT4323Facilities Mgmt in Hospitality
HFT4471Mgt Acct & Fin for Hosp Ind
HFT4930Global Whisky Traditions
HFT4930Hospitality Digital Marketing
HFT4930Special Topics in Hospitality
HFT4930Street Foods From Around
HFT4937Hospitality Speaker Series
HFT4945Hospitality Internship

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