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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIM6017Legal Aspects of HI Management
HIM6018e Healthcare Ethics
HIM6114Integrated e Medical Records
HIM6118Intro to Health Informatics
HIM6141Introduction to Healthcare Ana
HIM6217Health Data Management
HIM6320Managerial Communication
HIM6350e Medicine Business Models
HIM6477Med Terminology Health Inform
HIM6623Stats for Healthcare Analytics
HIM6628Health Data Visualization
HIM6655Healthcare analytics
HIM6664Healthcare Project Management
HIM6667Foundation Mgmt Info Systems
HIM6840Case Studies in Hlth Info Mgmt
HIM6844Health Outcomes Research
HIM6908Health Informatics Ind. Stdy.
HIM6943Health Informatics Internship

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