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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HUM1020Introduction to Humanities
HUM2522Cultural Study of Pop Music
HUM2593Science in Cultural Context
HUM3240Early Christian Cultures
HUM3242The Enlightenment
HUM3557Jews, Christians, Muslims
HUM3804Cultural Studies Theory/Method
HUM3930Film Noir and the Western
HUM4261Cultural Periods and Styles
HUM4331Humanities Pro Seminar
HUM4890About Face:
HUM4890Animation History and Theory
HUM4905Directed Study
HUM4930Dungeons Dragons & Dwarfs
HUM4930Shattering the Looking Glass:
HUM4931Seminar in Humanities
HUM4940Internship in Humanities
HUM6475War, Violence and Memoir
HUM6584GLobal Cinema since 1960
HUM6587Dungeons Dragons & Dwarfs
HUM6588Animation History and Theory
HUM6801Theories/Meth Cultural Studies
HUM6909Independent Study
HUM6915Directed Research
HUM6939Film Noir and the Western
HUM6939Utopia and Science Fiction
HUM6940Internship in Humanities
HUM6971Thesis: Masters

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