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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

IS1004Nations and Nationalities
IS1024Comp Gov & Politics
IS1034Intro to Intl Studies & PSCI
IS1104Intro to European Studies
IS2004Res & Writing in Intl Studies
IS2034Geography of Global Conflict
IS2054Introduction to World Politics
IS2064Global Econ and World Politics
IS2084The Evolution of World Order
IS2484Religion and Politics
IS2974Independent Study
IS3004Prof & Careers in PSCI & IS
IS3104Security Stud: Theor & Concpts
IS3114Global Security
IS3115Selected World Problems
IS3116Selected World Problems
IS3125Intelligence & Natl Security
IS3134Global Conflict and War
IS3175Global Development
IS3594Topics Mid East Pol & Intl Rel
IS3615International Relations
IS3616International Relations
IS3624Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
IS3625US-Russia Foreign Policies
IS3694Far-right Violence in the US
IS3734National Security
IS3795Global Terrorism & Counterter
IS3804European Integration
IS3854European Political Economy
IS3944International Enrollment
IS4004Seminar Int Studies
IS4014International Development
IS4024Seminar Diplomacy & Security
IS4034Topics in Diplomacy Lab
IS4104Topics in European Studies
IS4174Climate Chng & Intl Policy
IS4736Topics Multilateral Dipl Wkshp
IS4964Field Study
IS4974Independent Study
IS4974HIndependent Study
IS4994Undergraduate Research
IS4994HUndergraduate Research

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