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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

LIS2005Information Literacy
LIS2937Database Concepts
LIS3261Intro to Information Science
LIS3352Interaction Design
LIS3353IT Concepts/Info Professionals
LIS3361WWW Page Design/Management
LIS3783Information Architecture
LIS4204Information Behaviors
LIS4317Visual Analytics
LIS4365Web Design Technologies
LIS4370R Programming
LIS4380Information & Social Media
LIS4414Information Policy and Ethics
LIS4482Networks and Communication
LIS4671Intro to Intelligence Studies
LIS4672Crit Thinking Intel Analysis
LIS4673Open Source Intelligence
LIS4761Intro Data/Text Mining
LIS4776Health IT
LIS4779Health Information Security
LIS4785Intro to Health Informatics
LIS4930Crime Analysis: Mapping
LIS4930Drones for Info Prof
LIS4930Health Information Sources
LIS4934BSIS Senior Capstone
LIS5020Foundations of Lib/Info Sci
LIS5120Cultural Heritage Inst & Lib
LIS5268Microcom Appl Lib/Info Centers
LIS5566Multicultural Lit for Children
LIS5631Health Information Sources
LIS5802Information Analytics
LIS5937Cmty. Engagement for Libs
LIS5937Data Management & Practice
LIS5937Drones for Info Prof
LIS5937Genealogical Research
LIS5937GIS for Info Professionals
LIS5937Graphic Novels in Libraries
LIS5937Makerspaces & Making
LIS5937R Programming
LIS6107Adv Prof Comm for Analysts
LIS6110History of Libraries
LIS6271Research Meth Lib/Info Science
LIS6303Preparing Instructional Media
LIS6409Intro to Library Admin
LIS6511Collection Develop/Maint
LIS6564Materials for Children
LIS6565Books/Rel Mat Young Adults
LIS6603Basic Info Sources/Services
LIS6670Advanced Cyber Intelligence
LIS6674Open Source Intel (OSINT)
LIS6700Info Strategy/Decision Making
LIS6702Adv Intelligence Analytic Mthd
LIS6703Core Concepts in Intelligence
LIS6709Cyber Intelligence
LIS6711Organization of Knowledge I
LIS6773Digital Curation
LIS6906Independent Study
LIS6933Vet Cyber/Intel Seminar
LIS6946Supervised Field Work

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