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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MKTG2104Careers in Marketing
MKTG3104Marketing Management
MKTG3104HMarketing Management
MKTG3134Pers Well Being & Prof Succ
MKTG3164Intro Digital MKTG Strategy
MKTG3954Study Abroad
MKTG4144Bus & Mktg for Proc Industries
MKTG4154Marketing Research
MKTG4164Social Media & Content MKTG
MKTG4204Consumer Behavior
MKTG4254Product and Price Management
MKTG4264Analytics for Marketing
MKTG4304Marketing Communications
MKTG4354Mktg Chnl & Lgst
MKTG4404Field Practicum in Marketing
MKTG4454Sales Force Management
MKTG4554Principles of Prof Selling
MKTG4644Mktg, Soc, & Pub Interests
MKTG4704International Marketing
MKTG4754Strategic Marketing
MKTG4774Advanced Professional Selling
MKTG4964Field Study
MKTG4974Independent Study
MKTG4994Undergraduate Research
MKTG4994HHonors Undergraduate Research
MKTG5154Res Mktg Dec
MKTG5444Mktg, Mgmt & Public Purpose
MKTG5604Marketing Principles
MKTG5634Intl Marketing Management
MKTG5894Final Examination
MKTG5904Project and Report
MKTG5954Study Abroad
MKTG5974Independent Study
MKTG5994Research and Thesis
MKTG6106Advanced Topics In Marketing
MKTG6234Experimental Business Research
MKTG6254Bayesian Methods in Business
MKTG7994Research and Dissert

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