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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MVS1211Applied Violin
MVS1311Violin Principal
MVS1312Viola Principal
MVS1313Violoncello Principal
MVS1314Double Bass Principal
MVS1411Violin Major
MVS1412Viola Major
MVS1413Cello Major
MVS1414Double Bass Major
MVS2321Violin Principal
MVS2322Viola Principal
MVS2323Violoncello Principal
MVS2324Double Bass Principal
MVS2421Violin Major
MVS2422Viola Major
MVS2423Cello Major
MVS2424Double Bass Major
MVS3331Violin Principal
MVS3332Viola Principal
MVS3333Violoncello Principal
MVS3334Double Bass Principal
MVS3431Violin Major
MVS3432Viola Major
MVS3433Cello Major
MVS3434Double Bass Major
MVS4341Violin Principal
MVS4342Viola Principal
MVS4343Violoncello Principal
MVS4344Double Bass Principal
MVS4441Violin Major
MVS4442Viola Major
MVS4443Cello Major
MVS4444Double Bass Major
MVS5251Applied Violin
MVS5252Applied Viola
MVS5253Applied Cello
MVS5254Applied Double Bass
MVS6451Applied Violin
MVS6452Applied Viola
MVS6453Applied Violoncello
MVS6454Applied Double Bass

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