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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PHY2020Conceptual Physics
PHY2048General Physics I
PHY2048LGeneral Physics I Laboratory
PHY2048LOnline PHY 2048L
PHY2049General Physics II
PHY2049Online PHY 2049
PHY2049LGeneral Physics II Laboratory
PHY2053General Physics I
PHY2053LGeneral Physics I Laboratory
PHY2054General Physics II
PHY2054LGeneral Physics II Laboratory
PHY2060Enriched General Physics I
PHY2061Enriched General Physics II
PHY3101Modern Physics
PHY3220Classical Mechanics
PHY3323Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY3822LIntermediate Laboratory
PHY4523Statistical Physics
PHY4604Intro to Quantum Mechanics
PHY4605Quantum Mechanics II
PHY4744CIntro to Elect/Test Instrum
PHY4823LAdvanced Laboratory
PHY4910Undergraduate Research
PHY4930Undergraduate Seminar
PHY4936Machine Learning
PHY5720CElectronics for Research
PHY5937Bridge to Classical Mechanics
PHY5937Bridge to E+M
PHY5937Bridge to Math Methods
PHY5937Bridge to Quantum Mechanics II
PHY5937Bridge to Statistical Physics
PHY5937Machine Learning
PHY6346Electromagnetic Theory I
PHY6536Statistical Mechanics
PHY6909Independent Study
PHY6911Directed Research
PHY6935Graduate Seminar
PHY6938Physics Seminar
PHY6938Radiation Therapy Physics
PHY6940Supervised Teaching
PHY6971Thesis: Master's
PHY7910Directed Research
PHY7980Dissertation: Doctoral

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