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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

STS1504Intro Science, Tech, Society
STS2034Intro to Technology and Race
STS2054Engineering Cultures
STS2154The Life Sciences and Society
STS2254Innovation in Context
STS2464Religion and Science
STS2604Intro Data in Social Context
STS2664Technology Ethics
STS2715History of Technology
STS2974Independent Study
STS3104Sci & Tech in Modern Society
STS3124Societal Health
STS3284Technology and Disability
STS3314Medical Dilemmas & Human Exper
STS3334Energy and Society
STS4334Sexual Medicine
STS4974Independent Study
STS4994Undergraduate Research
STS5024Intro to Sci & Tech Studies
STS5104Policy Gateway
STS5205Hist Sci & Tech
STS5206Hist Sci & Tech
STS5306Phil Mod Sci & Tech
STS5364Public Ecology
STS5424Topics in STS
STS5974Independent Study
STS5994Research and Thesis
STS7994Research and Dissertation

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