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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

TA1004Perf Arts First Year Exper
TA2014Introduction to Theatre
TA2024Introduction to Acting
TA2104Fund of Theatre & Production
TA2114Script Analysis
TA2134Acting Lab
TA2164Scene Design Lab
TA2174Costume Design Lab
TA2204Creative Dance
TA2224Interm Perf Intensive
TA2404Intro App Collaborative Tech
TA2414Stage and Lighting Technology
TA2964Field Study
TA2974Independent Study
TA3014Theatre Production Lab
TA3105History of Drama and Theatre
TA3134Lighting Topics
TA3604Arts Management
TA3624Stage Management
TA4014Contemporary Theatre Seminar
TA4304Theatre Outreach
TA4704Prof Theatre & Cinema Intern
TA4964Field Study
TA4974Independent Study
TA4994Undergraduate Research
TA5015Graduate Seminar
TA5315GAdvanced Directing
TA5415Production Studio I
TA5425Production Studio II
TA5435Production Studio III
TA5614Topics in Art Leadership I
TA5624Topics in Art Leadership II
TA5704Graduate Theatre Internship
TA5904Project and Report
TA5974Independent Study
TA5994Research and Thesis

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