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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

AGEE101Global Food/Agricltrl Industry
AGEE110Microcomputr Applcatns-Ag Ed
AGEE202Site Based Tutoring in AGEE
AGEE220Group Organization/Leadership
AGEE293BSPTP:Agri Teaching Studio
AGEE293CSPTP: Directed Learning
AGEE303Small Engines and Hydraulics
AGEE330Shop Theory and Methods
AGEE421Agri/Natural Res Communicatns
AGEE434Managing Learning Environment
AGEE488Prof Agricultural Internship
AGEE489AGEE Reflective Seminar
AGEE490Teaching Practicum
AGEE491Prof Field Experience:Capstone
AGEE493ASPTP:Change Theory in Agric
AGEE493BSPTP:Applied Leadership Theory
AGEE495Independent Study
AGEE526Leadership Development FFA/SAE
AGEE530Teaching Agriculture
AGEE534Effective Learning Environment
AGEE538Program Planning in HS AG Educ
AGEE593FSPTP:Applied Leadership Theory
AGEE644Data Analysis/Interpretation
AGEE651Program Evaluation in Comm Ed
AGEE690Teaching Practicum
AGEE695Independent Study
AGEE930PRDV:CASE Curriculum
AGEE930PRDV:WV Ag Education Summit
AGEE930SPTP:BeginningAgrTeachers Conf

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