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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

BIT2104Careers in BIT
BIT2164Foundations Security Environ
BIT2405Bus Stats Analytics & Model
BIT2406Bus Stats Analytics & Model
BIT2554Linux for Business
BIT3414Operations & Supply Chain Mgt
BIT3424Intro Bus Analytics Modeling
BIT3434Adv Modeling for Bus Analytics
BIT3444Adv Bus Comp and App
BIT3454Business Process Improvement
BIT3464Enterprise Planning & Control
BIT3474Data Mgt and Bus Analytics
BIT3514Systems Analysis
BIT3524Database Management and Design
BIT3554Networks, Telecom, & Security
BIT3614Election Security
BIT4164Future of Security
BIT4434Comp Sim In Bus
BIT4444Web-Based DSS
BIT4454Bus Analysis Seminar in IT
BIT4464Adv Supply Chain Mgt
BIT4474Global Ops & Info Technology
BIT4484Project Management
BIT4604Data Gov, Privacy, Ethics
BIT4614Information Security
BIT4624Cybersecurity Analytics
BIT4854Analytics in Action
BIT4974Independent Study
BIT4994Undergraduate Research
BIT5124Cyberlaw and Policy for IT
BIT5134Cybersecurity Program Design
BIT5524Intro Bus Intel and Analytics
BIT5534Applied Bus Intel & Analytics
BIT5594Web Apps & Elec Com
BIT5624Project Management
BIT5894Final Examination
BIT5964Field Study
BIT5974Independent Study
BIT5994Research and Thesis
BIT6194BIT Colloquium
BIT6334Operations Management Seminar
BIT7994Research and Dissertation

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