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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGL1105First-Year Writing
ENGL1106First-Year Writing
ENGL1504Introduction to Linguistics
ENGL1514Language and Society
ENGL1614Introduction to Short Fiction
ENGL1624Intro to Detective Fiction
ENGL1634Introduction to Shakespeare
ENGL1654Intro to Science Fiction
ENGL2034Analyzing Sounds of Language
ENGL2444Greek and Roman Myth
ENGL2534American Literary History
ENGL2544British Literary History
ENGL2604Intro to Critical Reading
ENGL2634Writing and Social Justice
ENGL2644Intro African-American Lit
ENGL2744Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL2964Field Study
ENGL2974Independent Study
ENGL2974HIndependent Study
ENGL3024Religion and Literature
ENGL3104Professional Writing
ENGL3134Gender and Linguistics
ENGL3324Acts of Interpretation
ENGL3364Topics in Literature by Women
ENGL3424Topics Rus Lit in Eng
ENGL3514Ethnic Literature for Children
ENGL3534Literature and the Environment
ENGL3544Literature and Cinema
ENGL3624Appalachian Literature
ENGL3684Literature and the Law
ENGL3684HLiterature and the Law
ENGL3704Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL3714Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL3724Creative Non-Fiction
ENGL3734Community Writing
ENGL3734HCommunity Writing
ENGL3744Writing Cntr Theory & Practice
ENGL3744HWriting Cntr Theory & Practice
ENGL3754Advanced Composition
ENGL3764Technical Writing
ENGL3774Business Writing
ENGL3804Technical Editing and Style
ENGL3814Creating User Documentation
ENGL3824Visual Rhetoric and Doc Design
ENGL3834Intercultural Prof Writing
ENGL3844Writing and Digital Media
ENGL3954Study Abroad
ENGL4054History English Lang
ENGL4084Research in Language Sciences
ENGL4134Language Development
ENGL4164Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL4204Hybrid Forms
ENGL4514Contemporary Poetry
ENGL4704Advanced Fiction
ENGL4714Advanced Poetry
ENGL4724Fiction for Young People
ENGL4784Senior Seminar
ENGL4804Grant Proposals and Reports
ENGL4814Developing Online Content
ENGL4824Science Writing
ENGL4874Issues Prof & Public Discourse
ENGL4964Field Study
ENGL4974Independent Study
ENGL4974HIndependent Study
ENGL4994Undergraduate Research
ENGL4994HUndergraduate Research
ENGL5024Critical Theory
ENGL5084Creative Writing Practicum
ENGL5114Studies in Medieval Literature
ENGL5164Black American Literature
ENGL5214Race in Pre-Modern Literature
ENGL5244Studies in American Authors
ENGL5614Visual Rhetoric/Doc Design
ENGL5734Form and Theory of Fiction
ENGL5774Editing a Literary Journal
ENGL5894Final Examination
ENGL5974Independent Study
ENGL5994Research and Thesis
ENGL6364Research Design: Rhet, Writing
ENGL6514Studies in Rhetoric
ENGL6704Fiction Workshop
ENGL6714Poetry Workshop
ENGL7994Research and Dissertation

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