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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

ENGL100English 100 Writing Studio
ENGL101Intro. Composition & Rhetoric
ENGL102Comp., Rhetoric, & Research
ENGL103Accelerated Academic Writing
ENGL111Introduction Creative Writing
ENGL131Poetry and Drama
ENGL132Short Story and Novel
ENGL154African American Literature
ENGL156Literature Native America
ENGL200Foundations of Literary Study
ENGL212Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL213Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL214Creative Writing: Non-Fiction
ENGL221The English Language
ENGL226Non-Western World Literature
ENGL230Film Studies
ENGL241American Literature 1
ENGL242American Literature 2
ENGL252Appalachian Fiction
ENGL257Science Fiction and Fantasy
ENGL258Popular American Culture
ENGL261British Literature 1
ENGL262British Literature 2
ENGL301Writing Theory and Practice
ENGL303Multimedia Writing
ENGL304Business/Professional Writing
ENGL305Technical Writing
ENGL312Creative Writing Wksp:Fiction
ENGL313Creative Writing Wksp:Poetry
ENGL314Creative Wrtg Wksp:Non-Fiction
ENGL318Topics in Creative Writing
ENGL337Study of a Major Author
ENGL368The Romantic Movement
ENGL383Intro to Cultural Studies
ENGL385American Women Writers
ENGL387Topics in Women's Literature
ENGL393BSPTP: The Celtic World
ENGL407The Writing of Health/Medicine
ENGL418Creative Writing Senior Seminr
ENGL490Teaching Practicum
ENGL491AProf Field Experience:Capstone
ENGL493ASPTP: Global Modernities
ENGL495Independent Study
ENGL496Senior Thesis:Capstone
ENGL507The Writing of Health/Medicine
ENGL593ASPTP: Global Modernities
ENGL610Professional Writing Intrnshp
ENGL618Grad Writing Workshop: Poetry
ENGL618AGrad Writing Workshop: Fiction
ENGL618BGrad Writing Wrksp:Non-Fiction
ENGL680Introduction-Literary Research
ENGL688Creative Writing Mentoring
ENGL689Writing and Editing Practicum
ENGL695Independent Study
ENGL741Seminar:American Studies
ENGL782Current Directions-Lit Study
ENGL790Teaching Practicum

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