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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIS191First-Year Seminar
FIS201Intro-Forensic Identification
FIS202Crime Scene Invest Overview
FIS302Crime Scene Investigation 1
FIS302LCrime Scene Invest. 1 Lab
FIS305Biological Evidence
FIS305LBiological Evidence Lab
FIS306Expert Testimony Perspectives
FIS314Introduction to Microscopy
FIS314LIntroduction to Microscopy Lab
FIS320Sci/Culture of Illicit Drugs
FIS380Social Relations-Forensic/Law
FIS393ASPTP: Microscopy for Exam. Lec
FIS393CSPTP: Microscopy for Exam. Lab
FIS404Law and Evidence
FIS405Latent Fingerprint
FIS405LLatent Fingerprint Lab
FIS406LCourt Testimony and Lab
FIS409Blood Stain Pattern Analysis
FIS409LBloodstain Pattern Analys Lab
FIS414Trace Evidence Examination
FIS414LTrace Evidence Examination Lab
FIS432Forensic Biology
FIS432LForensic Biology Lab
FIS451Arson and Explosives Analysis
FIS451LArson & Explosives Analys Lab
FIS460Analysis of Seized Drugs
FIS460LAnalysis of Seized Drugs Lab
FIS480Forensic Quality Assurance
FIS485Prof Ethics-Forensic Science
FIS490Teaching Practicum
FIS493BSPTP: Death Investigation
FIS493CSPTP: Shooting Reconstruction
FIS493DSPTP: Death Investigation Lab
FIS493ESPTP: Shooting Recon. Lab
FIS614Trace Evidence Examination
FIS614LLab Trace Evidence Examination
FIS620Forensic Casework Practicum
FIS632Advanced Forensic Biology
FIS632LAdvanced Forensic Biology Lab
FIS696Graduate Seminar
FIS796Graduate Seminar

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