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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HONR101Honors Hall Council
HONR102Introduction to Honors
HONR201Peer Tutoring
HONR202AUse and Abuse of Science
HONR202BExtending Reality
HONR202DThe Biology of Aging
HONR207ALegal Fictions
HONR213Growing Up in America
HONR245Service in Tutoring
HONR293BSPTP: Road Trip Memoir
HONR293CSPTP: Born to Run
HONR293FSPTP: Okay Boomer
HONR293GSPTP: LSD's Past and Future
HONR293HSPTP: Exploring Star Wars
HONR293ISPTP: Diversity & Incl. Ldrshp
HONR293JSPTP:LGBTQ+ Rights and the Law
HONR293NSPTP: Social Media & Culture
HONR293OSPTP:Fraternities & Sororities
HONR293PSPTP: Focus on Addiction
HONR293QSPTP: Liberatory Leadership
HONR293RSPTP: American Feuds 101
HONR293TSPTP:Political Economy Reading
HONR293VSPTP: Literally STEAMing!
HONR293WSPTP:Quantum Computing for Fun
HONR293XSPTP:Business in Movies & Film
HONR293YSPTP: Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi
HONR293ZSPTP: After Foundations
HONR402Foundations of Peer Mentoring
HONR451EXCEL: Summative Experience
HONR490Teaching Practicum
HONR495Independent Study
HONR499AGSL: Crs Cul Exp: Rome & Flor
HONR499BGSL: Baltics Public Health

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