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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MAE102Introduction to MAE Design
MAE201Applied Engineering Analysis
MAE215Intro to Aerospace Engineering
MAE243Mechanics of Materials
MAE244Dynamics/Strength Laboratory
MAE271MAE Design 1
MAE275Aerospace Design 1
MAE312Introduction-Mechanical Design
MAE316Analysis-Engineering Systems
MAE321Applied Thermodynamics
MAE322Thermal and Fluids Laboratory
MAE331Fluid Mechanics
MAE332Experimental Methods
MAE336Compressible Aerodynamics
MAE342Dynamics of Machines
MAE343Intermediate Mech of Materials
MAE345Aerospace Structures
MAE361Intro to UAS
MAE365Flight Dynamics
MAE371MAE Design 2
MAE375Aerospace Design 2
MAE405Senior Mechanical Engr Lab
MAE410Materials Science
MAE411Advanced Mechatronics
MAE413Robotic Manipulators
MAE419Heat Transfer Lab
MAE423Heat Transfer
MAE425Internal Combustion Engines
MAE427Heating/Ventilating/Air Cond
MAE430Microgravity Research 1
MAE431Microgravity Research 2
MAE433Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE454Machine Design and Manufctrng
MAE456CAD/Finite Element Analysis
MAE460Automatic Controls
MAE469UAV Guidance, Navig. & Control
MAE471Principles-Engineering Design
MAE472Engineering Systems Design
MAE476Space Flight and Systems
MAE478Guided Missile Systems
MAE481Systems Design 2
MAE484Spacecraft Propulsion
MAE485Flight Vehicle Design 2
MAE487Spacecraft Design 2
MAE491Professional Field Experience
MAE493ASPTP: Fund of MEMS Microfab
MAE495Independent Study
MAE496Senior Thesis
MAE526Advanced IC Engine
MAE565Artif. Intellig. Techn. in MAE
MAE593DSPTP:Space Weather & Space Sys
MAE593ESPTP: Fund of MEMS Microfab
MAE624Convection Heat Transfer
MAE636Fundamentals of Turbulent Flow
MAE646Adv Mechanic:Composite Materls
MAE649Microscopy of Materials
MAE653Advanced Vibrations
MAE686MS&E Seminar
MAE695Independent Study
MAE790Teaching Practicum
MAE795Independent Study

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