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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

MUS1004Perf Arts First Year Exper
MUS1005Theory Fundamentals
MUS1104Music Appreciation
MUS1114Listening in the Digital Age
MUS2025European-American Music Theory
MUS2045Sightsinging Laboratory
MUS2055Audio Technology For Music
MUS2065Music Composition
MUS2115Survey of Western Music
MUS2134Disability Culture & the Arts
MUS2214Class Applied Piano
MUS2264Class Applied Percussion
MUS2274Music Education Lab Ensemble
MUS2284Piano Accompanying
MUS2314Woodwind Techniques I
MUS2334High Brass Techniques
MUS2364Intro to Music Education
MUS2514Individual Applied Voice
MUS2516Vocal Diction
MUS2524Individual Applied Keyboard
MUS2534Individual Applied Violin
MUS2544Individual Applied Viola
MUS2554Individual Applied Cello
MUS2564Individual Applied Bass
MUS2574Individual Applied Flute
MUS2584Individual Applied Oboe
MUS2594Individual Applied Clarinet
MUS2614Individual Applied Saxophone
MUS2624Individual Applied Bassoon
MUS2634Individual Applied Horn
MUS2644Individual Applied Trumpet
MUS2654Individual Applied Trombone
MUS2664Individual Applied Baritone
MUS2674Individual Applied Tuba
MUS2684Individual Applied Percussion
MUS2734Individual Applied Composition
MUS2754Individual Applied Recording
MUS2815Jazz Improvisation
MUS2974Independent Study
MUS3025Euro-American Music Anaylsis
MUS3035Advanced Class Piano
MUS3044Orchestration & Analysis
MUS3045Advanced Ear Training
MUS3055Music and Media Production
MUS3064Digital Sound Manipulation
MUS3065Computer Music & Multimedia
MUS3074Topics in Music Analysis
MUS3134Vocal Music Literature
MUS3184Histories of Music I
MUS3314Instrumental Ensemble Music
MUS3414Choral Ensemble Music
MUS3815Advanced Jazz Improvisation
MUS4055Music Tech Senior Sem
MUS4174Topics in Musicology
MUS4204Second. General/Choral Methods
MUS4214Instrumental Method Elementary
MUS4514Adv Ind App Voice
MUS4524Adv Ind App Keyboard
MUS4534Adv Ind App Violin
MUS4544Adv Ind App Viola
MUS4554Adv Ind App Cello
MUS4564Adv Ind App Bass
MUS4574Adv Ind App Flute
MUS4584Adv Ind App Oboe
MUS4594Adv Ind App Clarinet
MUS4614Adv Ind App Saxophone
MUS4624Adv Ind App Bassoon
MUS4634Adv Ind App Horn
MUS4644Adv Ind App Trumpet
MUS4654Adv Ind App Trombone
MUS4664Adv Ind App Baritone
MUS4674Adv Ind App Tuba
MUS4684Adv Ind Ap Percussion
MUS4734Adv Ind Composition
MUS4744Adv Ind Ap Conducting
MUS4754Adv Ind App Recording
MUS4764Adv Ind App Electroacoustics
MUS4964Field Study
MUS4974Independent Study
MUS4974HIndependent Study
MUS4994Undergraduate Research
MUS5314Instrumental Ensemble Music
MUS5414Choral Ensemble Music
MUS5514Grad Ind App Voice
MUS5534Grad Ind App Violin
MUS5554Grad Ind App Cello
MUS5564Grad Ind App Bass
MUS5574Grad Ind App Flute
MUS5584Grad Ind App Oboe
MUS5594Grad Ind App Clarinet
MUS5614Grad Ind App Saxophone
MUS5634Grad Ind App Horn
MUS5644Grad Ind App Trumpet
MUS5684Grd Ind Ap Percussion
MUS5734Grd Ind Composition
MUS5744Grd Ind Ap Conducting
MUS5974Independent Study

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