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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

PALM101Laboratory Medicine Pathways
PALM200Medical Terminology
PALM201Lab Medicine Applications
PALM205Introduction to Human Anatomy
PALM206Human Anatomy Laboratory
PALM302Oral Pathology
PALM304Histotechnology Microanatomy
PALM306Histotechnique 1
PALM309Oral Histology
PALM350Clinical Mycology & Parasit
PALM360Urinalysis and Body Fluids
PALM381Rsrch/Educational Methodology
PALM408Histotechnologist Practicum
PALM425Immunohematology Practicum
PALM430Clinical Chemistry
PALM432Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
PALM435Clinical Chemistry Practicum
PALM440Clinical Hematology
PALM442Clinical Hematology Laboratory
PALM445Clinical Hematology Practicum
PALM455Clinical Micro Practicum
PALM462Urinalysis and Body Fluids Lab
PALM475Medical Relevance - Capstone
PALM493BSPTP: Med Lab Science Review
PALM530Clinical Chemistry
PALM540Clinical Hematology
PALM554Clinical Myco. & Parasit.
PALM560Urinalysis and Body Fluids
PALM610Pathology Assistant Educ Mthds
PALM625Anatomical Patholgy Techniques
PALM627Pathology Assistnt Practicum 1
PALM630Pathology Review 1
PALM650Intro - Disease Mechanisms
PALM652Histo for Path Assistants
PALM693ASPTP: Path Asst Microanatomy
PALM718Dental Histology
PALM728General Pathology
PALM738Oral Pathology 1
PALM812Mechanisms of Human Disease 1
PALM820Mechanisms of Human Disease 2

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