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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

POLS102Intro American Government
POLS103Global Political Issues
POLS210Law and the Legal System
POLS220State and Local Government
POLS230Introduction Policy Analysis
POLS240Intro to Public Administration
POLS250Intro to Comparative Politics
POLS260Intro International Relations
POLS261Intro to National Security
POLS270Concepts in Political Theory
POLS300Empirical Political Analysis
POLS302Intelligence Analysis Methods
POLS311Political Parties & Elections
POLS314Civil Liberties-United States
POLS316Public Opinion and Politics
POLS317Interest Groups and Democracy
POLS319Comparative Government
POLS331Criminal Law Policy & Admin
POLS359Politics of Terrorism
POLS360International Political Econmy
POLS361International Law & Institutns
POLS363International Law
POLS364American Foreign Relations
POLS400Terrorism/National Security
POLS487Capstone:Senior Paper
POLS490Teaching Practicum
POLS491Prof Fld Expr:Legisltv Visit
POLS491AProf Fld Expr:Model U. N.
POLS495Independent Study
POLS593ASPTP: Comp_Pol_Behavior
POLS602Advanced Quantitative Methods
POLS603Adv Quantitative Analysis
POLS638Sem:Policy Implementation
POLS710Judicial Politcs, Policy & Law
POLS790Teaching Practicum
POLS793BSPTP: INT_Conflict
POLS795Independent Study
POLS796Graduate Seminar

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