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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

FIW2114Prin Fish and Wildl
FIW2314Wildlife Biology
FIW2324Wildlife Field Biology
FIW2514Fish Wildlife Conserv Policy
FIW2964Field Study
FIW2974Independent Study
FIW2994Undergraduate Research
FIW3954Study Abroad
FIW4114Biodiversity Conservation
FIW4214Wildlife Field Techniques
FIW4314Conservation Biology
FIW4324Genetics of Nat & Mngd Popns
FIW4434Wildl Hab Ecol & Mgmt
FIW4454Human-Wildlife Conflicts
FIW4474Wildlife Habitat Evaluation
FIW4614Fish Ecology
FIW4624Marine Ecology
FIW4714Fisheries Management
FIW4974Independent Study
FIW4994Undergraduate Research
FIW5514Fish Popn Dynamics
FIW5714GAdvanced Fisheries Management
FIW5894Final Examination
FIW5974Independent Study
FIW5994Research and Thesis
FIW7994Research and Dissertation

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