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Below are a list of the classes in this department. Please select a class.

HIST1025Intro to European History
HIST1026Intro to European History
HIST1084Introduction to Food Studies
HIST1115History of the United States
HIST1116History of the United States
HIST1215Intro to World History
HIST1216Intro to World History
HIST1224Conquest Culture in Lat Am Emp
HIST2004Historical Methods
HIST2054Engineering Cultures
HIST2104Topics in US History
HIST2124Topics Crit Issues World Hist
HIST2264America in the 1960s
HIST2374Gods and Kings in India
HIST2604Intro Data in Social Context
HIST2724Intro to Displacement Studies
HIST2964Field Study
HIST2974Independent Study
HIST2974HIndependent Study
HIST3014The American Revolution
HIST3105Women in U S History
HIST3274The Greek City
HIST3304World of Alexander the Great
HIST3484Nazi Germany
HIST3504The Age of The Crusades
HIST3534Modern Military History
HIST3544World War II
HIST3644Twentieth-Century Russia
HIST3664Revolutionary China
HIST3754Public History
HIST3914Crit Reading/Analysis in Hist
HIST4914History Research Seminar
HIST4964Field Study
HIST4974Independent Study
HIST4974HIndependent Study
HIST4994Undergraduate Research
HIST4994HUndergraduate Research
HIST5124U.S. Since 1877
HIST5134Res Methods for Historians
HIST5205Hist Sci & Tech
HIST5434Oral History Methods
HIST5484Contem American Foreign Policy
HIST5544Israeli Palestinian Conflict
HIST5894Final Examination
HIST5904Project and Report
HIST5964Field Work/Practicum
HIST5974Independent Study
HIST5994Research and Thesis

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